Cover Letters

Owning a highly effective, well written cover letter is a secret that successful jobseekers employ.
Why have a cover letter?
A covering letter is very different to a CV, it allows an opportunity for you to present personal and professional motive and gives reasoning as to why you are applying for a vacancy in detail rather than in a bullet or key phrase style. It can be a creative document whereas a CV follows a more rigid format.
A cover letter is also very likely to be the first document that the employer will read, and is a unique opportunity which directs attention to your application; jobseekers that decide not to write a cover letter are literally giving away a golden opportunity to promote themselves and it decreases the impact and amount of attention they receive from their application.
Covering letter facts
–  Creates impact!
–  Is very likely to be the first document read.
–  A cover letter is mandatory for most government vacancies, senior appointments and graduate programmes.
–  A cover letter is directed to a specific person, whereas a CV may be passed around various people.
–  A CV is factual document, where as a cover letter can be more of an emotional document/response.
–  A cover letter increases the time spent on your application.
–  A cover letter will demonstrate your ability and knowledge.
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